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Street Fighter Tattoo

The term “epic fail” is thrown around a lot, but I don’t know if it applies any moreso than right here.  Unless it’s meant as a joke/critique on society… but for some reason, I really don’t think so.

From @jaredr‘s Twitter.  (It’s not his arm, though.)

But this… is his tattoo.  Looks like it hurt.  Hope he never gets fat.

Jaredr's SF tattoo

New games come out all the time, and we are forced to upgrade.  This especially applies to online games, where the lobbies empty – and stay that way – shortly after release, as gamers move back to their old Halo 3 or Call of Duty standby.  Tattoos last longer than the video game industry has been around.  Seems a little… permanent, doesn’t it?

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    Jamie Obeso

    The words “never”, “laid”, and “getting” come to mind in no particular order.

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    Jimmy Lofton

    Jamie has already said everything I could come up with to put in a comment

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    Curtis Takaichi

    He’s going to regret that later on in his life. On a side note, my friend’s ex-girlfriend did something similar to that, instead of Marvel vs. Capcom tattooed on her stomach, she got a fairly large Harry Potter tattoo across her chest just above the breasts. I was intrigued, but couldn’t stop thinking how she’s going to regret that.

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