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By: Nick Simberg | July 7th, 2009

Every once in awhile, Yahoo! will run a story about video games.  Their main page does have a “Games” section, but it’s mostly dedicated to casual fare, free Yahoo! games, and traffic-garnering top ten lists.  This morning, however, included an article on the home page about the sale of one of (if not the) rarest games in the world: Nintendo World Championships, gold cartridge.  There were only 116 copies of this game made, 90 in the original gray case for semi-finalists at the championships, and only 26 (!) gold cartridges, reserved for winners and runners-up.  According to Wikipedia, only 12 of these Holy Grails have ever surfaced.  According to Yahoo!, one just sold for $17,500.

That’s a lot for a game.  That’s really not a lot for a piece of history.  The asking price was $25,000.  What a deal.

It was sold to the guy that runs, and you can read about his turbulent quest for the game here.  Kind of interesting stuff.

However, for being Yahoo!, you’d think their turnaround time for stories would be pretty low.  When Michael Jackson died, it was their main story within minutes.  JJ Hendricks’s blog post about finally getting an elusive copy of the world’s most valuable game was posted on June 23.  That’s two weeks before the “breaking” story finally appeared on Yahoo!.  Maybe it’s just not that big of a story for Yahoo!‘s demographic of kids doing homework and moms checking email.  Maybe Yahoo! is second place to Google because they just don’t have their finger on the pulse of today’s technological society.  Maybe the enormity of Project Natal can appear on “real” game blogs within seconds, yet Yahoo!, with millions (billions?) of dollars to spare on getting scoops before their competitors, can’t manage a turnaround of less than a fortnight.

Sigh… this is why the world needs independent sites like Gamer Limit – by gamers, for gamers.  Yahooligans don’t care or know about what gamers are and what they really want.  Yahoo! has become the MTV of the Internet, forgetting their roots in an endless quest to make even more money.  Don’t worry, Yahoo!, the “real” game sites will take care of the game news.  You just worry about bringing me thousands upon thousands of adorable penguin pictures.  Everyone has a purpose, even Yahoo!.  I don’t think it’s games, though…

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    Daniel Clancy

    Well said, Llama.

    “Sigh… this is why the world needs independent sites like Gamer Limit – by gamers, for gamers. ” – Loving that!

    Ironically enough, I don’t think we covered this story and that’s why WE love bloggers like you, good sir. I mean, we don’t have the means to be putting out every story just yet, but that time will come and it’s people like you that help it happen.

    Also, my oh my that is a lot of money for a game. But that is VERY rare! Shows you how far this industry is coming along in terms of being a valuable art form.

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    Nick Simberg

    I DID notice that it wasn’t covered here… that’s why I had to find out about it 2 weeks late like all the other yahoos on Yahoo. In the comments section of JJ’s gold cartridge story, there is some intersting back-and-forth about how he justified buying a game cartridge for the same price as a new car. Yes, the game is only like six minutes long, but it’s like owning a Rembrandt painting instead of just the poster. It’s a piece of history!

    But if you want your games to actually be worth anything someday, you generally can’t open them. And that would make it hard to play them, you know? Guess I gotta buy two of everything, one to play and one to retire with!

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    Nick Simberg

    HA! Koku Gamer just posted this story a few minutes ago, as well: Do they get their gaming news from Yahoo too?

    In related news, MSN also has a gaming story up on their front page, right next to the Michael Jackson memorial piece. And it’s just a list story of goofy game peripherals, but it’s not bad, and it’s written by a guy from PC World:

    Games! Finally getting the respect and exposure they deserve?

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    James Pinnell

    I think KokuGamer get their news from us ;)

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